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Sports Achievement - 2020


Category Name & Class House
Sub Junior (A) - Boy Nathan Samuel (I) Green Emerald
Sub Junior (A) - Girl JoshithaKamalakannan (I) Red Ruby
Sub Junior (B) - Boy Justin Daniel (III) Green Emerald
Sub Junior (B) - Girl JanakshaSanju (IV) Red Ruby
Junior (A) - Boy Jeffine Chris (VI) Green Emerald
Junior (A) - Girl Diya Sunil (V) Red Ruby
Junior (B) - Boy Benjamin Maran (VIII) Green Emerald
Junior (B) - Girl IshrathFathima (VII) Green Emerald
Senior - Boy Mohammed Irfan (IX) Red Ruby
Senior - Girl MagathiMirraRajakumar (IX) Green Emerald

The overall Championship for the academic year 2019 – 2020 went to the “Green Emerald House”.


Football, Cricket, Basketball, Throw ball, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Table Tennis, Chess and Carrom games were conducted for classes VI to X.

Ms. Diya Sunil

She is the Shining Star in sports field of our School. Time and again she has proved her mettle in the sports arena. Extremely versatile, this passionate young star's achievements include 43 medals and 17 trophies in Athletics, Taekwondo and Skating and 17 medals in Marathons. A gold medalist in Taekwondo in Tamil Nadu State Championship, she has also been a member of the team that made their mark in Guinness Book of World Records. Her latest area of interest is Horse Riding and she has ventured into Olympic Equestrian Sport in which she has not only completed Level - 1 Certificate but also won the Gold Medal in Horse Riding - Slow Jumping at Madras School of Equitation. She has also secured 74.5% in the International Dressage Development League. We wish her all the best to become a shining star bringing glory to our nation!