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Environment Friendly Action Report

In SJUS we joined our Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Swachh Bharat campaign of Clean India and Green India and every year we practice “ Swachhata Pakhwada “ in the month of September.

Oath taking, personal hygiene awareness, special hand washing techniques, planting activities and water conservation ideas were imparted to the children.

Also we encourage children to plant saplings. And last year our class X children had promoted the idea of planting trees by gifting seeds to all teachers on Teacher’s day.

We have conducted regular awareness sessions for children to harmful use of plastics to humans and environment through speeches by our Senior Principal, skits ,poster making … by children.

There was a thematic dance presentation by our children last in year in the annual day for conservation of water.

The class IX and X children do water auditing at home & school as a part of their SEWA activity.

The ECO Club in our school usually conducts various activities such as quizzes , art from waste to develop the social awareness of children to protect our environment.

Moreover our school environment has trees to bring in ecological balance and also our building is rain water harvested and waste water is recycled to conserve and protect our environment.

In addition to this the students of class VIII to X go on a rally both covering inside and outside the school carrying placards, highlighting the need to avoid the use of plastics and also highlighting major environmental issues. This helps them to reach across to even the younger students of the school in a very direct manner, thus promoting environmental consciousness of the whole school.