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Admissions Open for the Academic Year 2024–25,
for the classes LKG to 9th Standard.


Our Correspondent

Mr.R.Suresh Kumar

The second son of our Founder Couple has taken the mighty task of starting a new school under the Saint John’s Educational Trust following the footsteps Read more

Our Senior Principal

Mrs.Ajitha Mathews

Our Principal,Mrs.Ajitha Mathews is not a new name in the St.John’s circle.Her career as a teacher, started in the year 1985 at St.John’s English School Read more

Our Principal

Mrs. S. Leela Rani

Founder's Desk

Founder Chairman, St.John’s Group of Institutions – An idealist and visionary who championed the cause of education. As all truly great men, simplicity marked his word, thought and action. Deep thinking and firm faith in God guided his life and raised him to be the admirable role model for all Johnians. In his span of noble self-effacing life, his contributions were everlasting. Realising the need and importance of good schools,his visionary foresight made him play a vital role in the growth of St.John’s since 1968.Today St.John’s is looked upon as a pioneer, a trend setter and one among the front line institutions in the field of education not only in Chennai,Tamilnadu but also at the National level.The wings of St. John’s spread across Chennai covering around 7 institutions with more than 12,000 students and 500 faculty members and an equal number of non teaching staffs. In his sojourn in this world, Dr.G.Rajakumar,adorned very many roles - a visionary,a leader,an educationist,a philanthropist,a true christian disciple,a unique journalist and a successful family man. Through dint of hard work he remained atop his life’s endeavour.His visionary strategies and dedicated contributions made St.John’s attain a global status.

Foundress Desk

The Chairperson of Saint John’s Educational Trust.A personification of love,care,warmth and compassion.A teacher by profession, with gardening as her passion,her magical touch converted dry mass of the campus to lush greenery.Her sincere prayers were one of the vital sources for the success reaped by the banner of St.John’s.Affectionately called Aunty by teachers and Grandma by the student community,she epitomised motherly love in the campus.




“St. John’s Universal School” at Palavakkam is a unique school which facilitates individual talent and suits every child’s different learning abilities.

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a) Student name
b) Parents' Names.
c) Class to which admission is sought.
d) Reason for changing school
e) Copy of the report card (all pages/sides)of the last class studied.

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The school follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum. The languages offered are English as first language and Hindi, Tamil & French as Second Language and Hindi & Tamil as Third Language. Tamil is compulsory from Class I. The Pre – primary section follows its own curriculum developed based on a balanced approach of Montessori and Kindergarten methods.

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Well Built Library, Composite Science Lab, Computer Science Lab and Math Lab are added facilities. Composite Science Lab | Library | Computer Lab | Auditorium | Playing Space

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A healthy mind requires healthy body to reside. For the overall development of a child’s personality and skill, our vision for sports in the long term is to provide thorough training and ensure maximum participation. We believe that the key to achieve excellence in sports lies in integrating sports and physical education with regular educational curriculum.

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